Venom Vol 4 : Illumination Tpb (2023)

Venom Vol 4 : Illumination Tpb (2023)

Marvel Comics


Meet Venom's most powerful form yet!

With the truth about Eddie Brock, Bedlam and the Garden of Time revealed at last, Eddie has no choice but to fight heaven, Earth, space and time to get back to his son.

But it may all be for naught. Eddie's greatest fears are at the precipice of being realized as Dylan may still succumb to the darkness within him!

Eddie has faced down many monsters in his time, but few have been as terrifying as the one born of his own rage.

Witness Bedlam's return to the Garden of Time - and see what's become of Eddie after DARK WEB!

Battered, beaten and brutalized, his grit, determination and faith have wavered at times, but never broken.

Collecting VENOM (2021) #16-20.

Rated T+

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