The Flash - By Geoff Johns - Book One Tpb

The Flash - By Geoff Johns - Book One Tpb

DC Comics


When writer GEOFF JOHNS took over THE FLASH, he redefined a comic book for a new generation. Now re-experience Geoff's unforgettable five-year run in these stunning tales of Wally West, the Fastest Man Alive.

When the Flash breaks through space and time to reach a parallel Earth, it mirrors our own, except for one big difference—there is no Speed Force. Disconnected from the energy source that powers all super-speedsters, this is a world where the Flash never existed and one that has become deadly for anyone who wears a mask. Powerless and hunted by the law, the only way Wally West can survive and escape is to accept help from those he trusts the least..his own Rogues Gallery!

The first volume in THE FLASH BY GEOFF JOHNS series collects THE FLASH #164-176 and THE FLASH: IRON HEIGHTS, featuring art by ANGEL UNZUETASCOTT KOLINS and ETHAN VAN SCIVER.

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