Task Force Z Vol 2 - What's Eating You? HC (2023)

Task Force Z Vol 2 - What's Eating You? HC (2023)

DC Comics


Dead men running! Are we the baddies? After the shocking (but not really) betrayal by Mr. Bloom, the new Task Force Z are public enemy number one. All of Gotham is hunting for them.

They are out of money, out of friends, and out of Lazarus Resin. But now they will have to face their most dangerous foe yet—and it’s one of their own! And Red Hood will run afoul of his former allies the Bat-Family. 

And as our team is on the run, the mysterious Powers International extends their claws deep into Gotham. Mr. Bloom and Man-Bat will be used by Powers and will find out how deep their influence in Gotham City has always been…

This volume collects Task Force Z #7-12 by MATTHEW ROSENBERG (The Joker: The Man Who Stopped LaughingDetective Comics), EDDY BARROWS (Detective ComicsBatman: Urban Legends), and JACK HERBERT (Action Comics).

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