Task Force Z Vol 1 - Death's Door HC (2022)

Task Force Z Vol 1 - Death's Door HC (2022)

DC Comics


(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Eddy Barrows, Jack Herbert (CA) Eddy Barrows.

On A-Day, hundreds of Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals were left dead after an attack on Arkham Asylum, and now they’re getting a second chance at life.

A mysterious benefactor is bringing together a new Task Force and has recruited Red Hood to lead them.

Now Jason Todd has to unravel the mystery surrounding this team of the recently deceased while leading a lineup of some of Gotham City’s worst criminals who’ve ever lived: Bane. Man-Bat. The Arkham Knight. Sundowner. Mr. Bloom.

Collecting issues 1-6 of the critically acclaimed series!

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