Super Sidekicks Vol 2 - Ocean's Revenge Tpb

Super Sidekicks Vol 2 - Ocean's Revenge Tpb

Penguin Books


Calling fans of CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS and HILO!

Sidekicks are SUPER in this humor- and action-packed graphic novel series. Expect bugs, well-read dinosaurs, and lots of goo!

The Super Sidekicks are back! JJ, Flygirl, Dinomite, and Goo are settling into their fancy new headquarters and living the sweet life of superheroes. The Mother of the Seas, on the other hand, is NOT happy.

She's sick of land dwellers using the ocean as a dumping ground...and she's seeking revenge! Can the Sidekicks step up and save humanity from the ocean's rage?

BONUS: Includes tips for kids who want to help SAVE the environment + How to draw DINOMITE and GOO!

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