Super Sidekicks Vol 1 - No Adults Allowed Tpb

Super Sidekicks Vol 1 - No Adults Allowed Tpb

Penguin Books


Super-heroes have it soooo easy.

They don't have to clean their secret headquarters, wash alien bloodstains out of their costumes, or walk Super Mutt. NO!

They leave that for their sidekicks, while they get all the credit. Well, Junior Justice, aka J.J., has had enough!

He thinks it's time the sidekicks made a team of their own. Dinomite and Flygirl are ready to join the team, but first they have to prove to the adult super-heroes that they're more than just sidekicks.

And once the evil Dr Enok discovers his favorite pet Goo has left him, the world might need saving sooner rather than later!

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