Mary Jane & Black Cat - Dark Web Tpb

Mary Jane & Black Cat - Dark Web Tpb

Marvel Comics


Face it, Tiger, you just hit the double jackpot!

Two of the greatest loves of Peter Parker’s life find themselves thrown into one another’s paths and straight into Limbo!

But as the events of DARK WEB put them through hell, Felicia Hardy has a secret she’s in no rush to share about the new (old) man in her life…Peter Parker!

And MJ’s hiding something, too: Somehow, she has super-powers?!

Our dazzling duo soon finds themselves at the mercy of the diabolical Belasco!

And if they don’t come clean with one another, they could be stuck in Limbo forever — because Felicia’s guilty conscience is playing havoc with her escape plan!

Plus: The Black Cat’s ultimate score: the mask of Doctor Doom!

Collecting MARY JANE & BLACK CAT #1-5.

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