Captain America By J.M Straczynski Vol 1 - Stand Tpb (2024)

Captain America By J.M Straczynski Vol 1 - Stand Tpb (2024)

Marvel Comics


(W) J. Michael Straczynski (A) Jesus Saiz, Lan Medina (CA) Jesus Saiz.

J. Michael Straczynski returns to Marvel to tackle an American icon!

Decades ago, Captain America changed the world forever.

Now, powerful and insidious forces are assembling to ensure he never does it again! 

Steve Rogers has been reconnecting with his roots, repairing the former tenement building where he grew up and helping with problems in his neighborhood, both human and super-heroic. 

But a string of supernatural murders is about to disrupt Steve's fragile peace. Years ago, long before he took the Super-Soldier Serum, Steve interfered with the rise of the German American Bund in New York, putting himself on the radar of a powerful, dangerous force known only as Asmoday. 

Now Asmoday is back, guiding a well-connected millionaire and a vicious serial killer to bring about his will on Earth. They're gunning for anyone who might someday put the world on a better path…and at the top of their list is Steve Rogers. Steve survived his first brush with Asmoday in the distant past, but will he be so lucky this time? 

COLLECTING: Captain America (2023) 1-4

Rated T+

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