Batman Vol 3 - Ghost Stories Tpb  (2023)

Batman Vol 3 - Ghost Stories Tpb (2023)

DC Comics


(W) James Tynion IV (A) Guillem March - James Stokoe (CA) Guillem March.

A bold new direction for Batman begins! Following the Joker War, Bruce Wayne and Batman's circumstances have changed dramatically and it's the perfect moment for a violent new vigilante to arrive in Gotham City--enter Ghost-Maker!

A mysterious rival from Batman's past, Ghost-Maker's goal is to show the Dark Knight how to be a true hero and cleanse Gotham of crime!

It's Batman and Ghost-Maker going head-to-head for the soul of the city!

Also collecting Detective Comics #1027, a book featuring the biggest names in comics chronicling the most epic Batman adventures!

Collects Batman #101-105, a story from Detective Comics #1027, and Batman Annual #5.

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