Assassin's Apprentice Tpb (2023)

Assassin's Apprentice Tpb (2023)

Dark Horse Comics


(W) Jody Houser, Robin Hobb (A) Ryan Kelly, Jodie Bellaire.

The first installment of Robin Hobb's New York Times bestselling fantasy epic, The Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy), comes to life in comics form!

When the illegitimate son of a royal prince is discovered in a poor backwater, the boy's life changes forever. Renamed 'Fitz' by his new caretakers, the boy is plunged into the maze of scheming and intrigue that makes up the courts of the Six Duchies.

But unknown to all, a power has awakened in Fitz.

Something in his blood is stirring, and if Fitz cannot learn to control it, it may spell doom for all.

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