The Magic Order 4 (Comic Set #1-6)

Image Comics

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The Magic Order 4 - Comic Set #1-6)

Issue #1

BRAND NEW ARC! The Magic Order is in turmoil after Cordelia is forced to expel her brother. Whispers of discontent persist among the other wizards. They're tired of the rules they've all been living under-and now a coup is brewing.

Issue #2

Cordelia and her boyfriend Francis have been targeted by a rogue faction of wizards seeking revolution within the Magic Order. And when she's displaced as leader and replaced by an old enemy, the world will never be the same again.

Issue #3

Cordelia and Francis are trapped in a magical dimension a billion realities from Earth, where they learn the true origin of dear old Uncle Edgar. Meanwhile, renegade wizards reign supreme as they raise havoc back on Earth.

Issue #4

Cordelia Moonstone is trapped in another dimension, where she must face the greatest enemy she's met so far: her long-lost brother. He was given up by their parents many years ago, and now he's itching to exact his revenge on the child they favored.

Issue #5

Madame Albany is back and determined to not only destroy The Magic Order, but reality itself. She's taken down the entire Moonstone family and destroyed Moonstone Castle. Now nothing can possibly stand in her way.

Issue #6

The conclusion to the last big arc before THE MAGIC ORDER Netflix show appears on screens! This ties together four volumes of stories and brings a shocking end to the wizard wars that have been raging in the shadows.

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