Shell -  An Autobiography of Relinquished Romances

Shell - An Autobiography of Relinquished Romances

Sodaville Press


What's it about?

The Shell is part-travelogue, part-confessional, and all-heartfelt.
It covers 15 years of fragile relationships over four chapters of writer and artist Dan Gilmore's life.

It's about struggling to fit into a fundamentalist church while wrestling with raging hormones and lust - and escaping a wild hippopotamus.

Ultimately, it's about coming to terms with the need to break up a relationship - even the best relationship in your life.

Which books would you compare it to?

The subject matter and tone is most reminiscent of the classic Blankets by Craig Thompson. As a slice-of-life autobiography dealing with philosophical quandries and personal insecurities, Shell may also appeal to fans of Harvey Pekar's works.


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