ROGUE AND GAMBIT #3 : Steve Morris Cover A (2023)

ROGUE AND GAMBIT #3 : Steve Morris Cover A (2023)

Marvel Comics


(W) Stephanie Phillips (A) Carlos E. Gomez (CA) Steve Morris.


As Manifold's trail goes cold, tensions between Rogue and Gambit heat up!

For months now, they've been pulling apart - Rogue busy with her X-Men duties, Gambit risking eternal death in Otherworld?

Now, when Gambit discovers Rogue's been keeping secrets, the couple must face their issues head-on.

Orrrr they could split up and tackle the fight solo - that sounds smart, right?

But WHO is gathering super-powered humans?

And why is Manifold so important anyway?

The mystery continues in Stephanie Philips and Carlos Gomez's explosive romp through the Marvel U!

Rated T+

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