Mysterium (Comic Set #1-3)

Source Point Press

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Will you dare to walk through the gates of the Mysterium Manor? Conrad MacDowell keeps encountering supernatural occurrences after moving into his new home. Along with a group of world renowned mystics, they will try to help a ghostly presence cross to the other side, all before time runs out! Based on the popular board game Mysterium, this story will keep you guessing as to how, where, and who was behind the murder. Join Conrad and his friends, along with writer Christina Blanch and artist Alex Monik, to see if they can free this spectral soul and let them rest in peace.

Conrad MacDowell and his mystical companions have figured out the killer. At least, they think they have! Conrad, Alma, Jessalyn, Ardhashir, and James are starting to doubt if this bewildered spectre even remembers what happened! And now they must use their talents to deduce their second conundrum - where did the murder take place? Based on the popular board game Mysterium.

Time is running out for Conrad McDowell and his psychic friends. The spirit has guided them to discover the "who" and the "where" - at least, they all have their own theories - but how did this poor soul meet his final demise? Walk into the manor and see if you can deduce the real who, where, and how our spectre was murdered and help him to cross over to the other side using your sixth sense. Based on the popular board game Mysterium.




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