Marvel-Verse : Doctor Strange Tpb

Marvel-Verse : Doctor Strange Tpb

Marvel Comics


The Sorcerer Supreme stars in some of his most magical adventures!

Discover how renowned surgeon Stephen Strange's search for a cure for his damaged hands led him instead into a world of magic and mystery! Join him in a mind-bending interdimensional battle with the Dread Dormammu as only Stan Lee and Steve Ditko could present it!

A sorrowful Doctor Strange tackles the demonic D'Spayre and learns what life would have been like if he never mastered the mystic arts! The villainous Nicodemus sets his sights on Strange's soul! And when a cosmically powered creature wreaks havoc, can Spider-Man help Doctor Strange web up the holes in the fabric of reality?

Collects Uncanny Origins (1996) #12, Doctor Strange (1974) #55, Marvel Adventures Super Heroes (2008) #5; material from Strange Tales (1951) #126-127, Marvel Fanfare (1982) #5.

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