Kun-ghur - Kuma's Hero

Kun-ghur - Kuma's Hero

Sodaville Press

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Kuma's Hero

Seven-year-old Kuma admires his hero Kun-ghur more than his own father. While Kun-ghur is away from Etorea on a mission with Skylark, Kuma is so desperate for news that he starts missing important events closer to home...

The book is an all-ages fantasy-adventure comic. "Kuma's Hero" is a tale in the vein of fantasy fiction such as "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" or the films of Studio Ghibli. It's about realising that the people who love you here and now are the greatest heroes in the world. Beyond a fantastic action-based story, Kun-ghur is ultimately about appreciating the heroes around us every day.

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