Kun-ghur - The World of Kun-Ghur

Kun-ghur - The World of Kun-Ghur

Sodaville Press


(Rhymes with ‘hun-ger’)
Welcome to Etorea, the last human city. At this moment, it stands on the brink of ruin at the hands of the violent and enigmatic villain Purplex. In the crumbling city’s darkest days, a hero has emerged from distant desolate badlands. Armed with the ancient totem Babastyx, he is Etorea’s greatest hope for survival. He is the defender of the helpless. He is uncouth of manners. He is the mighty barbarian! He is Kun-ghur!


The creator
Dan Gilmore is a UX designer by day, and a comics artist after hours. He's been creating self-published comics and webcomics for the past four years. He co-created LUV Comics in 2014, and the acclaimed autobiographical Shell books in 2015 and 2016. The first Kun-ghur book was also co-created and published in 2016.
Sodaville Comics

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