Indigo Children (Comic Set #1-6)

Image Comics

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From the critically-acclaimed creative team behind the smash-hit series YouthCurt Pires, Alex Diotto, and Dee Cunniffe—and up-and-comer Rockwell White (Wyrd) comes an all-new, action-packed mystery/science-fiction series in the upcoming, Indigo Children.

SERIES PREMIERE! RADIANT BLACK meets THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH in this action-packed sci-fi/mystery epic as journalist Donovan Price hunts down the extraordinarily gifted INDIGO CHILDREN after their mysterious disappearance fifteen years prior.

Acclaimed creator CURT PIRES returns to Image for a brand-new ongoing series with the creative team behind the smash-hit series Youth, soon to be a show on Amazon Prime!

CHAPTER TWO OF THE COMIC OF THE YEAR STARTS HERE! Mars - A glimpse of the past. Chicago - Alexei and Donovan work to liberate another one of the captured Indigo Children.

CHAPTER THREE Mexico. Donovan, Alexei, and Fred crash the presidential inauguration in an attempt to free another one of the Indigo Children. It goes about as well as you think it will. PLUS: WHO IS INDIGO FIVE?

CHAPTER FOUR Kabul. The Indigo Children search for Ahmed in a city on the brink of collapse. Rand and his agents converge. Indigo Five goes hunting.

CHAPTER FIVE Following the tragic events of issue four, the Indigo Children race against the clock to escape Kabul. Help arrives in the form of an unlikely ally. Also: A glimpse of Director Rand's past.

END OF STORY ARC! Cairo. The Indigo Children finally reach their destination. But they'll have to make it through Director Rand and an army of soldiers to make it there. The show stopping finale to the first arc of INDIGO CHILDREN is here!


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