Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #74 (1982)

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #74 (1982)

Marvel Comics


Peter Parker agrees to try and get to the bottom of Debra Whitman's mental problems, however, refuses to "pose" as Spider-Man to try and snap her out of any mental problems.  As Spider-Man, Peter gets tries to prevent Doctor Octopus and the Owl from stealing components to a device, however, fails to do so when the Owl manages to escape with the component in question.

As Parker, he asks those closest to Debra about her to find out what the root of her problems may be.  As Doctor Octopus tries to steal another component from the Kingpin, which turns out to be a fake (and the original is stolen from the Kingpin from some unknown person), Peter learns from Biff Rifkin that Debra is married and ran from an abusive marriage.  

While Doctor Octopus and the Owl fight each other for the component parts they have mutually stolen (which both parties turn up empty-handed.) Peter decides to confront Debra and reveal himself as Spider-Man. The ploy works, but now how Peter intended, Debra realizes that Peter wore a Spider-Man costume to snap her out of it and decides to put her life back in order. Her first order of business is to return home and get a divorce from her husband.  Peter returns home as Spider-Man and finds the Black Cat waiting for him, with the device that was stolen from the Kingpin.

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