Hulk - The End Tpb (New Printing) (2020)

Hulk - The End Tpb (New Printing) (2020)

Marvel Comics


The Hulk has seen the future... and it is murder.

Only Peter David, perhaps the greatest Hulk writer in comics history, could bring readers two classic dystopian tales of such impact as The End and Future Imperfect.

Both stories find the Hulk at the end of the Earth - and at the end of his rope!

In The End, the green-skinned titan walks alone through a wasted land - and is forced to confront the one who is easily his ultimate nemesis!

And in Future Imperfect, the Hulk is the last super power in a post-apocalyptic Earth - ruling with an iron fist as the wicked Maestro.

But summoned from the past by a small band of rebels is one who is perhaps the only being who can stand up against the Maestro.


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