Edge of Spider-Verse - Bleeding Edge Tpb (2023)

Edge of Spider-Verse - Bleeding Edge Tpb (2023)

Marvel Comics


(W) Dan Slott, Various (A) Pere Perez, Various (CA) Patrick Brown.

Over the edge!

Journey across the Spider-Verse once again with a spectacular mix of fan-favorite and all-new spider-heroes! Spider-Rex is back to face the Venomsaurus!

But who is the Spider-Killer?! Only the scariest spider-character ever created!

The all-singing, all-swinging sensation Spinstress croons her way into the biggest fight of her life! And the dark future of the Empire of the Spider, last seen in MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN, still needs a hero - and here comes Miles' little sister, Billie Morales, all-grown up as Spider-Smasher!

Plus: The amazing origin of the breakout character introduced in the pages of SPIDER-MAN #7 - make way for Spider-Boy!

The return of Dream-Spider from DEADLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN!

And what if the radioactive spider we all know and love had bitten…J. Jonah Jameson?!

Collecting EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE (2023) #1-4.

Rated T+

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