Donald Duck #259 (1987)

Donald Duck #259 (1987)



Cover pencils by Daniel Branca. "Hang Gliders Be Hanged," script by Carl Barks and Geoffrey Blum (US script), art by Victor Arrigada Rios (as Vicar); Donald Duck deals with Gladstone Gander, his lazy and lucky cousin. "Ring Leader Roundup," art by Carl Barks; Daisy finds a lost ring that she uses to make Donald think that she has another boyfriend, but the ring contains a midget radio used by diamond smugglers. "Swami Swindle," script and art by Carl Barks; Donald and Gladstone brag about their wealth until Daisy asks them to contribute to her club. A Flight to the Finish article by Geoffrey Blum, art by Carl Barks; The story behind "Hang Gliders Be Hanged."

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