Deadpool - The Saga of Wade Wilson Tpb (2024)

Deadpool - The Saga of Wade Wilson Tpb (2024)



Uncover Deadpool's complicated history with Weapon X!

When his healing factor fails, Wade Wilson grudgingly turns to 
Dr. Killebrew, the mad scientist who cured his cancer—and ruined his life!

But what exactly was done to Deadpool in the 
Workshop? And can Wade control his impulse to slice Killebrew into little pieces?

Ajax wants Deadpool's stain scrubbed from the planet. What is his connection to Wade's nightmarish origin—and how is Death herself involved?

Plus: The resurrected 
Weapon X program makes Wade an offer he can't refuse: If he joins their cutthroat crew, they'll fix his ravaged face!

And when Deadpool is haunted by the ghosts of his past, can fellow Weapon Plus alumni 
Wolverine and Captain America help him through his most harrowing battle ever?

Collects: DEADPOOL (1997) #3-5, #17-19 and #57-61; DEADPOOL/DEATH ANNUAL '98; and DEADPOOL (2012) #15-19.

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