Daredevil - Modern Era - Epic Collection - Underboss Tpb (2024)

Daredevil - Modern Era - Epic Collection - Underboss Tpb (2024)

Marvel Comics


(W) Brian Michael Bendis, Various (A) Rob Haynes, Various (CA) Alex Maleev.

Industry legend Brian Michael Bendis begins his acclaimed five-year DAREDEVIL run!

When the staff that once belonged to his mentor is stolen, Daredevil is determined to get it back - even if that means joining an ancient ninja battle between the Seven and the Hand!

Then, why is investigative reporter Ben Urich focusing on the catatonic son of two-bit costumed criminal Leap Frog - and how is Daredevil connected to a child he doesn't even know? When a rich client hires Matt Murdock to sue Daredevil, it's time for everyone's favorite attorney to play to the camera! Plus: Ambitious gangster Sammy Silke has inspired Wilson Fisk's lieutenants to rise up against the Kingpin of Crime!

But what is the connection between Silke's coup and the contract on Matt Murdock's life?

Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev's gritty reinvention of Daredevil's world begins right here!

COLLECTING: Daredevil: Ninja (2000) 1-3, Daredevil (1998) 16-31 Rated T+

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