Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer (Comic Set #1-5)


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The world of The Last Vampire Slayer continues at BOOM! Studios in August 2023. Casey Gilly (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Lost Summer) and Oriol Roig (Forlorn) present the next chapter in the BUFFY THE LAST VAMPIRE SLAYER saga, set after the events of the Buffy The Last Vampire Slayer Special!

Issue One

Thess is all grown up, having taken up the mantle as the new Slayer! But with new responsibilities comes new enemies, and a mysterious clan will do anything to get to her, even if it means using her friends as bait. Fans won't want to miss this brand new mini series from veteran Buffy scribe Casey Gilly, set after the events of Buffy The Last Vampire Slayer Special #1!

Issue Two

Being new to slaying doesn't mean that Thess likes being infantilized, especially by an over-protective demon named Anya, who's controlling at every turn. But concerning Cora Devonshire-Thess's current crush-is there any validity to Anya's suspicion? As she and Cora get closer, Thessaly's flippancy and resentment might just get the best of her though, when she takes on a job from the Watcher's Council, and is pursued by some admittedly sexy stalkers...

Issue Three

Thess feels betrayed when she discovers the truth of the mission she’s been sent on, and blows off some steam in unwise ways, revealing more than she probably should have about herself. But the gang and Anya have some information for Thess as well–things that will shed new light on Cora’s path.

Issue Four

Cora comes clean after a night spent together with Thess; her past is tied to the enemy in ways filled with the demonic and arcane, and it's too much for Thess to bear.

Thess's destructive power is dangerously out of control, with not much left of the boardwalk as Soren's gang approaches...

And with Thess keeping the mantle of the Slayer, what steps will Buffy take to heal her trauma and start a new chapter?

Issue Five

Thess confronts Cora's bullies but neither they-nor Cora-are what Thessally expected, and it affects her deeply to the point of being reckless.

But thankfully some unexpected help arrives for Thess, someone who can help get Cora out of harm's way!

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