BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS #20 : Max Dunbar Cover A (2022)

BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS #20 : Max Dunbar Cover A (2022)

DC Comics


(W) Various (A) Various (CA) Max Dunbar. Written by Jim Zub, Joey Esposito, Chris Burnham, and Nadia Shammas Art by Max Dunbar, Sergio Acuna, Chris Burnham, and Jahnoy Lindsay Jim Zub and Max Dunbar take us to the world of Batman, monster hunter!

What is the Murder Club and how are they going to rock Batman's world forever in the start of a four-part epic by Joey Esposito and Sergio Acuna?

Chris Burnham's epic Alfred saga draws to a close!

And Nadia Shammas and Jahnoy Lindsay craft a deadly parenting short story starring Batman and Talia al Ghul battling for the soul of their son, Damian.

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