Avengers by Jed Mackay Vol 1 - The Impossible City Tpb  (2024)

Avengers by Jed Mackay Vol 1 - The Impossible City Tpb (2024)

Marvel Comics


(W) Jed MacKay, Various (A) C.F. Villa, Various (CA) Stuart Immonen.

The Star. The Icon. The Witch. The Construct. The God. The Engineer. The King.

In a time of Tribulations, they will answer the call as Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

But when the towering Terminus attacks, a new and insidious danger rears its head. One that the Avengers know all too well, and one who comes to them in the most dangerous of guises: that of a friend!

Soon, the Ashen Combine, a collection of the Multiverse's greatest monsters, descends from the Impossible City - and they destroy metropolitan areas for sport! The Avengers face the battle of their lives - and one will fall.

But will the Impossible City fall with them? And what kind of doom might be unleashed upon the Earth as a consequence?

Plus: Kang the Conqueror searches for the missing moment!

Collecting AVENGERS (2023) #1-6 and TIMELESS (2022) #1.

Rated T+

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