X-Men - Mutant Genesis 2.0 HC

X-Men - Mutant Genesis 2.0 HC

Marvel Comics


A fresh take on a classic saga!

Magneto's future, Wolverine's past - and the X-Men in between! Magneto acquires a new army, the Hand revives an old enemy, and it's up to the newly reunited and rejuvenated X-Men to stop both!

But from Asteroid M to Weapon X, Marvel's mightiest mutants are getting brainwashed wherever they go! Featuring mysteries from Wolverine's history and the first flashback appearance of Team X - plus Acolytes, ninjas and more! Omega Red! Maverick! Sabretooth! And the debut of the classic Blue and Gold X-Men teams!

It's the opening issues of 1991's blockbuster 'adjectiveless' X-MEN series like you've never seen them before - remastered and fully recolored in modern style!

Collecting X-MEN (1991) #1-7. 

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