X-Men: Children of the Atom #4

X-Men: Children of the Atom #4

Marvel Comics


The book opens with Scott in the X-mansion, wondering what he is doing there. Unfortunately the insight given by the Professor does nothing to lighten his mood, and instead sends him running out of the room.The next scene takes place with Agent Duncan as he bursts into a meeting between his boss and the mutant hating William Metzinger. He is there to discuss a few suggestions on ways to stop the "mutant takeover"Afterwards we join Professor X who has found his way to the Drake residence. There he tells Bobby's parents that he is well equipped to help a boy like Bobby out, and help him assimilate into society. We see that Jean Grey has taken it upon herself to tell her parents she wants to go to Xavier's school.Finally we see Warren Worthington in his home as he is attacked by Metzingers mutant haters. but before they are able to kill him, Xavier shows up and stops them. Warren agrees to go with him.

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Condition - Fair

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