Silver Surfer #57

Silver Surfer #57

Marvel Comics


Silver Surfer is teleported away during his fight with Thanos. He appears next to a gate to Virtual Reality's tour in the realm of perception. The Surfer wishes to leave but Virtual Reality will not allow it until he is finished with him. The Surfer realizes that it was Thanos that must have sent him here but Reality says that this matters not and everyone comes to him at some time.The tour shows Surfer all the events that he focused on in his life. His thoughts dwell to his mother's suicide, his poor treatment of Shalla Bal, his father's suicide, his becoming a Herald of Galactus and leaving her behind, the fact that he turns his back to all those that care for him and the lost love of Mantis and Nova.He also thinks of Thanos and the failures he endured at his hands. Virtual Reality tells him there is much that the Surfer will not admit to himself and that in his heart he expects nothing of himself. The tour is thus ended.Elsewhere, the body of Reptyl floating through space is reanimated and transformed into a large winged monster.

Condition - Fair

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