Sabretooth & the Exiles (Comic Set #1-5) (2022)

Marvel Comics

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Sabretooth is free, and his Exiles plan to wreak havoc on Krakoa! VICTOR LAVALLE and LEONARD KIRK continue their triumvirate storytelling tale of Creed's next chapter in his life.

#1 : X-ISLE

SABRETOOTH TAKES HIS DESTINY INTO HIS OWN CLAWED HANDS! The powers that be condemned SABRETOOTH to the pit for breaking the rules of Krakoa. But now he's free—and ready to show the world you can't keep Victor Creed down—even as the EXILES from Krakoa speed along in hot pursuit! A new chapter in the fan-favorite saga begins in brutal fashion, but when DR. BARRINGTON gets her hooks in Creed, he'll be lucky to survive the first issue! Victor LaValle and Leonard Kirk return for this unforgettable installment in the chronicles of one of Marveldom's most vicious mutants!


MUTINY AMONG THE EXILES! SABRETOOTH is at the helm…but for how long? As DR. BARRINGTON’S plans are revealed, the EXILES chart a course for unknown danger…and deadly revenge!


JOURNEY TO THE ASTRAL PLANE—TO SAVE THIS ONE! ORPHAN-MAKER’S armor keeps his powers contained. You do NOT want to open that armor. Okay, DR. BARRINGTON’S opened the armor. SABRETOOTH and the EXILES’ last hope remains in the ASTRAL PLANE…but can they stop fighting each other long enough to carve out a path to survival?!


THERE’S MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SKIN A SABRETOOTH! ORCHIS has been conducting brutal experiments on mutants…but SABRETOOTH and his EXILES were not prepared to come face-to-face with…MORE SABRETOOTHS?! Meet the many facets of VICTOR CREED…and see which ones can survive DR. BARRINGTON’s gauntlet!


CREED VS. CREED! The EXILES are exiled, and it’s down to CREED VS. CREED—mano a mano, claw to claw and one of this year’s BIGGEST SURPRISES in X-canon!

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