Robin #2

Robin #2

DC Comics



Robin and Clyde Rawlins continue to fight off the Ghost Dragons while Lady Shiva watches on. Clyde proves that he is no pushover, and easily mows down just as many of the gangsters as Robin does. The Ghost Dragons retreat, and Robin and Clyde take off to tend to their wounds.  Billy Hue and the other Ghost Dragons report their failure to the boss, the King Snake. King Snake does not tolerate Billy's shortcomings and promptly kills him with a swift blow to the face. He places Lynx in charge of the Ghost Dragons, and sends her on a mission to retrieve a mysterious Nazi weapon.  Meanwhile, members of the British Secret Service hire a French mercenary named Henri Ducard to assassinate the King Snake. Henri negotiates for a steep price and accepts the contract.  Robin brings Clyde to the Hotel St. Germain. The following morning, Lady Shiva appears in their room and warns them that they are both in danger. Members of the Ghost Dragons have tracked them to the hotel and are presently coming up the stairs. Robin and Clyde follow Shiva out the window and the proceed to scale the side of the hotel. They escape from the Ghost Dragons and part company. Robin has no idea who this strange woman is.  Robin takes Clyde to a cottage safe house, far away from Paris. While Clyde recuperates, Robin does a background check on him and learns that Clyde once worked as an undercover DEA agent, but when Clyde's investigations brought him too close to the King Snake's doorstep, the drug lord had his family killed. Clyde has spent the past two years trailing King Snake's every movement in the hopes of getting revenge. Clyde is grateful to Robin for saving his life, and decides to expand upon his physical training by showing him a few basic combat techniques.  When Robin finally manages to tap into his anger and beat Clyde in combat, Lady Shiva appears to offer her services in training.


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