Phases of the Moon Knight #1  (On sale September 2024)

Phases of the Moon Knight #1 (On sale September 2024)

Marvel Comics



 Though he is among the most recent, Marc Spector is far from the first FIST OF KHONSHU!

 The true history and depth of the legacy of the Moon Knight has been shrouded in the mystery of antiquity… UNTIL NOW!

Featuring an awesome assembly of creators from across the industry, PHASES OF THE MOON KNIGHT begins with a story of the Moon Knight you know as he enacts his unique and violent vision of justice!

PLUS! An all-new Moon Knight from the Marvel Universe's ancient past: the Moon Knight of the Old Crusades!

 Forged in the crucible of a holy war, what long-forgotten secrets of the Marvel Universe are waiting to be discovered in his saga?!

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