Kun-ghur - Kuma's Hero   (One Shot Comic)

Kun-ghur - Kuma's Hero (One Shot Comic)

Sodaville Press


(Rhymes with ‘hun-ger’)

What's it about?

Emerging from distant barbarian badlands, armed with the ancient totem Babastyx, Kun-ghur has become the greatest hope that Etorea City can withstand the evil destroyer, Purplex. 

Kun-ghur has enormous physical strength and durability, but his greatest power is his strength of character. His limited vocabulary might suggest limited intelligence, but Kun-ghur has an unmatched raw nobility and gentleness. Kun-ghur never throws the first punch.

Seven-year-old Kuma loves his hero Kun-ghur more than his own father. While Kun-ghur is away from Etorea on a mission with Skylark, Kuma is so desperate for news that he starts missing important events closer to home...  

The book is an all-ages fantasy-adventure comic. "Kuma's Hero" is a tale in the vein of fantasy fiction such as "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" or the films of Studio Ghibli. It's about realising that the people who love you here and now are the greatest heroes in the world. Beyond a fantastic action-based story, Kun-ghur is ultimately about appreciating the heroes around us every day.

The creator

Dan Gilmore is a UX designer by day, and a comics artist after hours. He's been creating self-published comics and webcomics for the past four years. He co-created LUV Comics in 2014, and the acclaimed autobiographical Shell books in 2015 and 2016. The first Kun-ghur book was also co-created and published in 2016.

This book, "Kuma's Hero", has been created with the assistance of Darko Stojanovic (colours) and Ben Cox (original story). 

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