Justice League Vol 1 - Origin (New52) Tpb

Justice League Vol 1 - Origin (New52) Tpb

DC Comics


It's the dawn of a new age. Super heroes—like Superman in Metropolis, and Gotham's mysterious Batman—are new and frightening to the world at large. But when a series of strange attacks unleashes an otherworldly threat on Earth, these heroes will have to stand together... if they can stand each other!

Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. Green Lantern. Flash. Aquaman. Cyborg. Through young and inexperienced, brash and overconfident, each one along is a powerful force in the battle of good against evil. Together, they may be the only thing on Earth that can stop the alien warlod Darkseid from claiming our planet as his own. Together... they will become the Justice League!

JUSTICE LEAGUE: ORIGIN (collecting issues #1-6) unites superstar creators GEOFF JOHNS (GREEN LANTERN) and JIM LEE (BATMAN: HUSH) to deliver the most talked-about comic book of the new millennium...and reimagine the DC Universe as never before.

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