Iron Man #10 (1969)

Iron Man #10 (1969)

Marvel Comics


The Mandarin guests in "Once More...the Mandarin!" Part 2 of 3.

Script by Archie Goodwin. Pencils by George Tuska. Inks by Johnny Craig. Cover by George Tuska.

The Mandarin has discovered that Tony Stark is Iron Man! And now Shell-head's old foe is planning to ruin Stark Industries by linking Tony to communist activity, and thus forcing the U.S. government to cancel Stark Industries' military contracts. How is the golden avenger going to clear his name and then defeat the villain with the ten rings?

Cameo appearance by Nick Fury. (Note: The letters page includes a letter from comics writer and artist Walt Simonson.) 32 pages

Grade: FN 6.0  - Condition: Used 

Actual Cover Pictured - Comic is Bagged & Boarded 

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