GREEN LANTERN #5 : Xermanico Cover A (2023)

GREEN LANTERN #5 : Xermanico Cover A (2023)

DC Comics


(W) Jeremy Adams, Peter J. Tomasi (A) Xermanico, David Lafuente (CA) Xerman.


Sinestro has seized control of Ferris Air!

As the rage builds to cataclysmic levels within Hal Jordan's most vicious adversary, the power of the Red Lantern ring has turned Sinestro's wrath into a planetwide fury!

Hal's only hope?

To break United Planets law and lure the villain out into the final frontier... Then, in Rise of the Sinson: Part Two, Sinson's plan becomes clear: to claim his legacy, he must seek out his father...and face him in combat!

The march toward Sinister Sons continues in this epic prequel installment!

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