Giant-Size X-Men by Jonathan Hickman Tpb

Giant-Size X-Men by Jonathan Hickman Tpb

Marvel Comics


Essential X-tales showcasing some of Marvel's best artists!

When danger looms, it will take two of Earth’s most powerful telepaths working together to make things right: Jean Grey and Emma Frost! Nightcrawler must venture into the unknown when the X-Men lose contact with a key mutant habitat! Despite the shelter of Krakoa, mutants still need to deal with the human world—but Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, has a plan for that! Fantomex steps into the spotlight—breaking into his own birthplace, the World! And can Storm triumph over an insidious plot that has put a countdown on her very life?

Giant-Size X-Men (2020): Jean Grey and Emma Frost, Nightcrawler, Fantomex, and Storm

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