Everything's Archie #36 (1974)

Everything's Archie #36 (1974)



"When Safety Is Your Bag," script and pencils by Dick Malmgren, inks by Rudy Lapick; Archie installs an air bag system in his car using military surplus parts. Archie Club News. "It Makes Sense!", script and art by Joe Edwards; Greg wants to borrow a nickel from Li'l Jinx. "If I Could Talk with the Animals"; Hot Dog has a dream that he's a people catcher rounding up stray humans. Archie Puzzle page. "Some Case"; Everyone starts sneezing at once and they think it's a fast spreading cold but it's just a case of black pepper that's fallen off a truck. "Spill Frill"; Archie and Jughead go surfing and Archie loses his board. "The Eyes Have It," script and pencils by Dick Malmgren, inks by Jon D'Agostino; Veronica is fed up with Archie's roving eye at the beach.

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