DETECTIVE COMICS #58 : 2023 Fascimile Edition (2023)

DETECTIVE COMICS #58 : 2023 Fascimile Edition (2023)

DC Comics


(W) Bill Finger (A) Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, Sheldon Moldoff (CA) Fred Ray.

Batman and Robin take on the waddling criminal mastermind known as the Penguin in his historic first appearance in the pages of Detective Comics. Will the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder be bested by this dapper villain and his arsenal of trick umbrellas?

And the action doesn't end with the Dark Knight. This facsimile reproduction also includes the backup features Spy, the Crimson Avenger, Slam Bradley, and more, plus all the classic ads from the original 1941 edition, making this a must-have for fans of Golden Age detective stories!

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