Detective Comics #532

Detective Comics #532

DC Comics




Batman has located Vicki Vale, who was captured by the Joker, but to achieve this, Batman was captured by the Joker in the first place. In the criminal's lair, Batman learns that the Joker has concocted a plan that will get him total control of Guatemala and that he pretends to turn the nation into a large amusement park with his own variation of deadly traps and "killer" rides.  Meanwhile in Gotham City, Harvey Bullock decides to stop following Mayor Hill's instructions as they have caused James Gordon's ultimate health decline. At that same moment, Alfred Pennyworth has been reunited with his daughter, Julia, who has finally learned the truth about him.  Later, Joker has tied Batman to one of his train models and he placed Vicki on the tracks of the train, which could seriously injure her, at best. When Joker activates the train, Batman struggles to break his bonds and he manages to do it just in time to prevent the train from running over Vicki. Using the vehicle's momentum, Batman disposes of Joker's thugs and helps Vicki out of the trap. Together, Vicki and Batman leave the Joker's hideout, just as the place collapses. In a fit of rage, Vicki shoots several of Joker's army and when she and Batman are out of danger, she decides to stay longer in the nearby city to get all the angles for her next scoop.  Unaware to them, Joker is inside his collapsed hideout, laughing even after his plan was thwarted.

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