Crime Suspenstories Tpb

Crime Suspenstories Tpb



Reprints of classic EC stories.

Cover art by Johnny Craig. "Dead-Ringer," script and art by Johnny Craig;.

A petty thief learns that his virtual double, a millionaire, is an amnesia victim residing at a local sanitarium, and plans to somehow get into the sanitarium, dispose of the rich man and take his place, then suddenly come out of his amnesia state, and assume the man's identity. "A Moment of Madness!", script by Albert B. Feldstein, art by Graham Ingels; A noted brain surgeon is experiencing blackouts, which cause him to unconsciously commit acts of violence during his blackouts.

"Perfect Murder!" text story, script and art by Albert B. Feldstein. "The Corpse in the Crematorium," script and art by Johnny Craig; A man subject to cataleptic fits is brought to a crematorium while his wife-to-be searches frantically for him.;She fails to find him before he is scheduled for cremation, but what saves him is that the attendant notices beads of sweat forming on his brow before the gaping maw of the blast furnace. "Contract For Death,

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