The Brave and the Bold #54 Facsimile Edition (2024) (On sale April 2024)

The Brave and the Bold #54 Facsimile Edition (2024) (On sale April 2024)

DC Comics



The townsfolk of Hatton Corners are in the midst of a dispute. The adults of the neighborhood feel that the teen populace are too wild and unruly, whereas the teens feel that the adults are too "un-hip" and incapable of relating to teenage problems. Ironically, the teen youth movement is led by Eddie Corliss, son of the town's mayor. Eddie organizes a club house meeting and invites three famous teen super-heroes to come to Hatton Corners to support their cause. They invite Aqualad, Kid Flash and Robin.  Before the heroes arrive however, a crazed super-villain known as Mister Twister blusters through town riding atop a giant cyclone. Mister Twister attempts to extort the town elders for what he believes are reparations owed to his family going back several generations (which consists of feathers from the extinct Passenger Pigeon). When the town elders are unable to pay Mister Twister, he uses the elemental powers of his magic staff to abduct the town's teenagers and bring them to nearby Goat Island.  Aqualad, Kid Flash and Robin arrive in town, but when they visit the teen clubhouse, they find that it has been razed to the ground. Mayor Corliss tells them about Mister Twister and they agree to do what they can to rescue the missing youths. They find the kids on Goat Island where they are forced to erect a giant twister-shaped tower made from heavy stone blocks.  While Mister Twister is away, Kid Flash uses his super-speed to finish construction on the tower so that the teenagers do not have to carry the burden alone. Aqualad discovers that the underside of Goat Island is perched upon a fragile pinnacle of rock, so he summons a giant whale to push the island off of its natural mooring and move it out to sea.  When Mister Twister returns, he cannot find the island. Infuriated, he returns to Hatton Corners to wreak his revenge against the town. He uses his powers to rain earth, water, and fire down from the sky to create massive floods of dust, water, and fire that threaten to consume the town. Kid Flash spins like a cyclone in an effort to control the flames while Aqualad calls upon the aid of a narwhal to drill a drainage ditch, which diverts the flood into natural underground tributaries. Robin confronts Mister Twister directly and ensnares the villain's magic staff with his Batrope. Without the power of his staff, Mister Twister is powerless. The teens of Hatton Corners are reunited with their parents and everyone agrees that they will do their best to mend their differences.


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