Marvel Comics Presents #6

Marvel Comics Presents #6

Marvel Comics


The bi-weekly action continues!Adamantium man Wolverine, Master of Kung-fu Shang-Chi, The mysterious Man-Thing and The Incredible Hulk, all in one book to gobble up!Save The Tiger [part 6]:Following the events at the Princess Bar and at Roche's house, Wolverine's life has been a hell since his arrival in Madripoor. He was tortured brutally at Roche's and barely escaped, later being saved by Jessan Hoan.Now Wolverine has recovered, and Jessan has taken him on a boat ride into the ocean. They are sailing on ajunkand Wolverine contemplates what has happened in the previous few days. He is surprised to find Jessan here and like this. Jessan says that what has happened with her was not expected.She relates her story of the past. After the Reavers had captured her, they wanted her to work for them. A Reaver named Prettyboy considered her morality, kindness etc. as liabilities and erased them from her mind. But only partiallt did he succeed. That was when the X-Men had interrupted and dealt with the Reavers for good. Jessan was teleported back to her home.But Jessan had already changed. She had become another person. Amoral, indifferent, carefree. She did not care what happened to her. She saw that her bank was out of business and tried for jobs. But her careless nature negated her image at the interviews. Even then she didn't care. Her short while with the Reavers had earned her new skills. She found her way inside theMeridian Bankand was stealing data when she was discovered. But she killed everyone in her path and ran away.Then she came to the lowtown ofMadripoorand quickly discovered what a ratpit it was. Place full of thugs and a crimelord named Roche. One day, she found some thugs molesting some women and drove them away, aftergiving them a challenge and her name as "Tyger".Now she plans to kill Roche and take over his empire and finances, and place herself as the newCrimelordof Madripoor. Wolverine says that in doing so, their alliance might be cracked. Jessan says...


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