Spider-Man: Return of the Goblin Tpb

Spider-Man: Return of the Goblin Tpb

Marvel Comics


The grotesque embodiement of Norman Osborn's chemically insanity, the Green Goblin has terrorized Spider-Man's friends and loved ones for years. Even his own son - Peter Parker's best friend, Harry - was poisoned by the Goblin legacy. Norman killed Gwen Stacy, the first great of Peter's life. And then, years after Spider-Man watched him die, Norman returned from the grave to haunt his hated foe. 

Now, Norman is through waiting for sinister, behind-the -scenes schemes to come to fruition. Spider-Man is his target and he won't stop until he has the wall-crawler's heart on a platter. No games, no tricks - just a mad thirst for vengeance.

Collecting PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN (Vol. 2) #44-47, written by Paul Jenkins and illustrated by Humberto Ramos.

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