Batman - Holy Terror #1 (1991)

Batman - Holy Terror #1 (1991)

DC Comics


Many years after the unsolved murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne has finally found peace as he prepares to enter the priesthood.

That is, until James Gordon--the Inquisitor in charge of the case--reveals that the killer was working on behalf of a vast conspiracy within the Puritanical theocracy, and that Dr. Wayne was killed for being "political agitators," performing illegal "counter-reproductive surgeries."

Becoming the dread Batman, Bruce decides to serve God by day while seeking justice by night, delving deep within the dark secrets of his own government. There, he will confront the true horrors of the theocracy and the horrible truth behind his parents' murder, which will force him to decide if he will choose a holy path... or the path of vengeance.   

Batman: Holy Terror is the first DC book to bear the Elseworlds imprint.  #25 on Wizard Magazine's "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born" list.

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