Aliens - Rogue Remastered Tpb

Aliens - Rogue Remastered Tpb

Dark Horse Comics


Professor Ernst Kleist has achieved the impossible: he has genetically engineered powerful, obedient Aliens. When an operative from the funding organization is sent to do a routine check up, he finds Kleist's methods to be... unorthodox. "There is an adage," says Kleist, "about omelettes... and breaking eggs." The horror of nature is dwarfed by the terror of the man toying with it!

Ian Edginton weaves a complex tale of a man driven to harness nature's most violent creature, and the horrors involved with what he must become to achieve his goal. The terror is exquisitely illustrated by Will Simpson in what proved to be the most harrowing Aliens tale yet. Brace yourself for the collected Aliens: Rogue!


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